Kartingowy Narodowy

We offer access to our bar, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. We also have a wide range of catering services – upon request. Below you will find a selected menu.

Polish Package

– Boeuf Strogonoff
– Borsch

Main courses:
– Roasted pork with hunter’s gravy
– chicken sticks baked with blanched mushrooms
– Potatoes baked with bacon and cheese
– Homemade dumplings
– Fried cabbage
– Beets on butter
– Sauerkraut
– Carrot salad

Cold starters:
– Patera of roasted meats, cold cuts and pate served with ćwikła
(cooked grated beets and grated horseradish relish)
(pork loin, bacon, chicken breast, pate with prunes)
– Cones of ham with Jewish salad food-salad-vegetables-party
– Lard with cracklings and apple
– Vegetable Salad
– Schab Varsovie
– Eggs wrapped in country ham with mayonnaise
– Herring with onion cream

Grill Package

– Grilled chicken breasts in Provencal marinate
– Blood sausage
– Marinated Pork neck
– Grilled vegetables with olive oil
– Fish in foil with vegetables
– Pork kebabs – chicken with vegetables
– Baked potatoes with garlic-cheese dip
– Grilled steaks with Mexican tomato salsa
– Grilled Sausage

– Traditional Greek salad with feta cheese and olives
– Tuna salad with olives and marinated artichoke
– Italian salad with grated cheddar cheese and garlic croutons
– Corsican salad with tomatoes, oranges and capers sprinkled with apple vinaigrette

Thai Package

– Crab salad with sweet and sour chili sauce
– Spring Rolls with vegetables and mango chutney
– Pasta with salmon caviar and wasabi on the rice

Warm meals:
– Chicken teriyaki
– Fried rice with soy sauce
– Pork in curry sauce

Vege Package

– Filleted vegetables with balsamic sauce
– Tofu cheese corks with vegetables
– Potato salad with egg, cucumber and Baltic herring in mayonnaise sauce

Warm meals:
– Eggplant with couscous and roasted mozzarella ratatouille
– Breaded vegetable cutlets , served with barbecue dip


Event Manager: Jakub Bednarczyk, phone: + 48 22 290 56 33 ext. 2, e-mail: [email protected]