Events for companies – Warsaw


We are the racing entertainment centre for business.
We will organize an unforgettable racing event for any number of people.!

Unique racing events for companies now available in the PGE Narodowy!

The Kartingowy Narodowy racetrack was created with the organization of corporate and business events
in mind, ie.:
– Integrative events,
– Business meetings,
– Presentations of products,
– corporate events.

The Kartingowy Narodowy racetrack is characterized by the highest standard of available equipment, its original design, the highest quality service and any number and size conference rooms, which the PGE Narodowy building provides. We are able to provide the facilities and parking spaces for groups of up to several thousand people.

Organizing a corporate event at our facility will provide an opportunity to take part in a real gokarting competition on a blacktop track.
Kartingowy Narodowy


1. Racing in a Team – Integration
Perfect way to make an integration event. In this scenario not only the lap-time is important but also the way you cooperate with a team, consequence and common goal which connects group.
2. Grand Prix Race – Rivalry
In this scenario important is the time of individual driving.
3. Organization of theme event– Great Fun

For you we will realize even the most demanding scenario.
Kartingowy Narodowy

Additional attractions

We further offer enriching your experience with the additional unique attractions, ie.:
– competitions on racing simulators
– the pit-stop experience, including wheel changing
– improving your reflex skills on the professional Batak device
– beautiful hostesses
– an announcer who will comment along with the event, like a true sports commentator
– catering and open bar
– photo and video reports

Upon request, we can arrange for your individual scenario as desired.


Event Manager: Jakub Bednarczyk, phone: + 48 22 290 56 33 ext. 2, e-mail: [email protected]