Organize a prestigious go-karting league on the Kartingowy Narodowy racetrack. Create your own and unique league in the heart of the capital!

Racing motivation

Participation in a go-karting league can motivate employees, building professional relationships and
resulting in integration.

The offer

1. A league for employees
2. industry rivalry – between companies in the same industry
3. Consultations with coaches, additional training

Range of products

1. Exclusive reservation of the track
2. Comprehensive organization of competitions
3. Professional coaching and referee services
4. Professional timing system
5. Individual league rules
6. Score keeping – the results are also available on-line
7. Different go-karting league scenarios, such as: sprints, long distance and team racing , racing in the
opposite direction on the track, track configuration changes
8. The racing experience can be enhanced by introducing a joker lap, pit stop, and special guest
invitations from the world of motorsport.

Additional attractions

For each league eliminations we offer additional attractions, eg. Competitions on racing simulators or
competitions on the Batak reflex training device.

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