Kartingowy Narodowy

Group competition at the PGE Narodowy! For you and your friends or colleagues!

Kartingowy Narodowy Grand Prix!

Offer for groups from 8 to 12 people.
For more people we have a tailor-made offer – please contact the Event Manager:
phone. + 48 22 290 56 33 in 2, e-mail: [email protected]

What are the advantages of the Grand Prix?

Kartingowy Narodowy
1. Booking
As part of the offer, we provide a reservation of 3 exclusive queues (races), so you can be sure of the start of rides at exact time. In the case of individual trips there is no option to book a date.
2. Exclusive
Grand Prix – 3 rounds (races) reserved only for your group!
3. Racing atmosphere
Competition on the asphalt go-kart track gives you unforgettable racing emotions!
4. Podium, medals and diplomas
At the end of the race, we will select the winners who will be on the podium!
Medals and diplomas in the Grand Prix package.
5. Times of trips
We prepare for you a summary of results / times.
Kartingowy Narodowy

Scenario – Grand Prix Kartingowy Narodowy

Time: the whole event lasts up to 2 hours. 3 queues of 7 minutes each.
Between each race you have a time to compare track performance.

Briefing – after greeting the group, the safety and driving rules are presented.
1 – Training (7 minutes)
2 – Final A (7 minutes)
3 – Final B (7 minutes)

At the end we summarize the achievements and invite you to the podium!
Kartingowy Narodowy
The best time for each driver from Finals A and B is summed up to create a general classification that selects the winner.

Important! We organize the Grand Prix also at non-standard times.


Grand Prix 8 people: 1450 PLN
Grand Prix 10 people: 1650 PLN
Grand Prix 12 people: 1850 PLN

Optional attractions:

Kartingowy Narodowy offers you a full range of additional attractions, such as hostesses, cups, driving simulators and many more.


Balaclava – obligatory under the helmet. There is a possibility to buy at the Reception for 10 PLN. Kartingowy Narodowy
Customer Card Kartingowy Narodowy – enables booking in the go-kart system. The purchase of the Card is mandatory on the first visit to the track and it’s cost of PLN 10.

Different discounts and promotions don’t connect with each other.


Event Manager: Jakub Bednarczyk, phone: + 48 22 290 56 33 ext. 2, e-mail: [email protected]