Kartingowy Narodowy

Our track is available 7 days in a week.

Our track is available from Monday to Sunday:
Mon-Fri 2 pm-10 pm
Sat-Sun 10 am-10 pm

Due to bookings and reservations of the entire track, please check the calendar (Information at phone: + 48 22 290 56 33 ex 1).
The track is closed in case of bad weather.

Prices for individual rides:


CRG Centurion for adults 49 PLN/7 min.
CRG Junior for children  59 PLN/7 min.
CRG Puffo for children  59 PLN/7 min.
CRG Taxi for two persons 59 PLN/7 min.
Electric gocarts for children – Mini-Track 20 PLN/7 min.

Gokarts Puffo are available at designated times.

Happy Hours promotion – valid from Monday to Friday to 5 pm. Excluding holidays and long weekend.

Kartingowy Narodowy

Gokart for adults CRG Centurion39 PLN instead of 49 PLN7 min.

Important information:

Every customer should have a balaclava to wear under the helmet. It is mandatory due to hygiene. If necessary, you can also buy it from us – 10 PLN.
One-time charge of 10 PLN for the Client Card – for people who aren’t yet registration on our track.

Promotions and discounts can’t be connect with other discounts.

We provide every customer of the “Kartingowy Narodowy” a special Client Card, on which points are exchanged for free rides.

1 PLN = 10 points. For a free ride, you must collect 4900 points (in the case of an adult gokart CRG Centurion). The offer is valid for individual rides purchased at standard price.
More information: Client Card Kartingowy Narodowy – package discounts (click here)


Kartingowy Narodowy, PGE Narodowy – Gate 9, Warsaw. Phone +48 22 290 56 33 ext. 1, e-mail: [email protected]