Mapka Kartingowy Narodowy na Stadionie Narodowym

The track is located at the PGE Narodowy – near the Vistula river boulevards. The asphalt pavement, the only of its kind in Warsaw, brings your experience incredibly close to that of a professional racing track.

At our facility, we cater to customers with little experience, as well as motor sports enthusiasts and professional drivers. Our policies on the track have been modeled in order for our customers to enjoy the sport of gokarting at the highest level.

Outdoor, asphalt gokarting track

Kartingowy Narodowy
We named our racetrack “Kartingowy Narodowy” (ie. “The Gokarting National”) because it is the only such racing entertainment center in Poland. Only at our track can you enjoy brand new and the latest models of the fastest go-karts available. Our long and wide racetrack is designed in order to provide our customers with maximum security. We run the track 7 days a week!

The layout of the track has been created so as to provide you with safety, comfort, and the excitement of racing at the same time.

Our innovative lap measurement system is unique to us in Poland

The track is equipped with the highest quality and precision timing system with an accuracy of 0.001 sec.,
which is integrated with our go-karts, allowing you to keep track of your achievements on displays
located on the steering wheel of the go-kart, as well as online. (Client Panel – click here).

Racetrack (technical) data

Kartingowy NarodowyDate of creation: 2015 r.
Size: approx. 6 thousand. m2
Length: approx. 550 m
Track width: 6-10 m
Surface: asphalt

The track is aligned with a crash barrier equipped with a modern energy-intensive system which absorbs the force of the impact, ensuring you with the highest safety standards. In addition, we have an electronic security system that is able to turn off all running go-karts with the push a single button on our remote control.

The Panorama

Gokarty Centurion 1The location of our racetrack allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of the city center’s skyscrapers,
as well as the Vistula River and the National Stadium.

The lighting

The entire track is equipped with a lighting system thereby allowing our customers to enjoy the track until
late hours of the night.